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Custom Duty Reviews

Customs Duty reviews by incorporating data analytics to assist in identifying material over-payments of duty and risk analysis outcomes resulting in significant improvements in Customs Compliance footprint of an organisation.

Customs Compliance

Customs Compliance based on 'real-time' technology and proven scorecard principles, thereby enabling international traders to experience true customs compliance for the first time and thus reigning in control of an often 'uncontrolled' everyday risk scenario

Major Projects

Through our considerable expertise with major projects of all sectors over the past 35+ years, whereby tangible results have been delivered to project proponents, WCC has the expertise to cope with the planning, execution and often disruption of equipment part deliveries to ensure Customs Duty is minimized where legally possible.

Applications & Accreditations

Global Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) & Trusted Trader applications and accreditations, incorporating the combination of Customs Compliance high-level expertise and Supply Chain Security high caliber 'gap' reviews, resulting in globally secure supply chains for corporations.

Duty Savings

Optimizing Data Analytics

Customs Compliance

Real-Time Technology

Customs Valuation

Planning Techniques

Trusted Trader Status

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) & Trusted Trader accreditations

What makes us different?

WCC provides state-of-the-art proprietary dashboards for new and existing clients, by downloading the import declaration data from the Australian Border Force (ABF) – Integrated Cargo System (ICS) and converting the voluminous and complex excel data fields into specially designed visualisation dashboards, thereby providing invaluable information for importers in relation to Duties Paid, Compliance Profiles and Government Fees incurred etc.


In addition, WCC analyses these dashboards to identify potential duty refunds for the past four-year period, in order to provide ‘cash back’ savings for our clients


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